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Color Stain




My government name is Aldrema Conerly Williams, but you can call me Drema. I am license Hair Stylist, Instructor, Playwright, Director and Producer. With all of my skills and experiences of dealing with people of all age groups, backgrounds and situations, I have positioned myself to extend my services to help mentally develop future entrepreneurs to elevate thoughts, set goals and execute ideas by nurturing their natural gifts and talent, including but not limited to, current/future writers, actors, singers, dancers, etc. Along with healthy nutrition, diet and exercise,  I also incorporate image consulting, appearance and fundamental beauty tips, products and supplies. Community helping the community by feeding our less fortunate youths, elderlies and the homeless.

These are just some the goals that I have set out for you but stay tuned for what's coming next.


Also called IMOC Productions is a nonprofit theatrical company who uses Performing Arts as a tool to uniquely mentor both adults and youths on morals, social issues and concerns. We have programs that teaches individuals how to stay in their own lane of creativity, accountability to mind their own "Business" and to focus on being a better version of themselves. Our energy is geared towards teamwork, serving others, problem solving and how to connect and cope with our everchanging society. We also offer do-it-yourself beauty grooming, hygiene tips and tools.



Is to empower the people with the ability to connect or reconnect with themselves and others to help restore broken communities with realistic life expectancies through health, beauty and entertainment. We aim to teach them to create new mental pathways that leads to endless possibilities of success. 

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